House for the Homeless is a monthly charity night. So far we have raised over a £1800 for Community Kitchen Garden

All proceeds from the night will go to support the Community Kitchen Garden which grows fruit and vegetables for those who sleep rough.

Our next event is on the 29th of April in The Old Red Bus Station.

We have a lot of love for the underground scene in leeds and want more people to come down and play. Email here to get involved!


Alex T (On Rotation)

Michael Upson (Love Muscle)

Reuben (Flux)

Wallauer (Flux)

Tami Pein (Elemental)

Lucy Jade Williams (Imprint)

Andrew Devine / Filtertron (SuperFriendz/Next of Kin)

Croma (Broken Mechanics)

Ranyue (Brudenell Groove)

Douglas (Primal Sound)

M-arble (Next of Kin)

Talia (Kontra)

Izzy Wylie (Dance Disease)

Cas Lee (Dance Disease)

Nectkr (Tight Lines)

Cuil (House for the Homeless)

Marcus Christensen (House for the Homeless)

Adam Pits (House for the Homeless)

Array (House for the Homeless)